I am an interdisciplinary artist who uses theater, movement, sound and video to create original performance.  I am a mover and lover of music and language.  My early artistic training was in theater, literature and West African Dance, with an abiding love for visual arts from my early childhood years.  I have remained curious about the intersection of all these paths. 

I am deeply inspired by imagery and find myself writing and choreographing from those sources.  Communities/ tribes/ ensembles, are where I feel most at home.  I work in communities to facilitate groups in identifying individual and group voice and communicating their experiences through performance. 

My training has included Viewpoints, Psychophysical Acting (Grotowski), Roy Hart Voicework, Butoh, Experiential Anatomy and Contemplative Dance Practices.  Some of my teachers have included Peggy Pettitt, Steve Wangh, Wendell Beavers, Onye Ozuzu and Ethie Friend. 

In 2009, I received my MFA in Theater and Contemporary Performance from Naropa University.  I also hold a BA in Communication Studies from The University of NC at Greensboro. 

Chaunesti Webb
 director  actor  writer  facilitator